Easily Deploy Your App

Meteor Up is a production quality tool to setup servers and deploy your Meteor apps to them

Get Started

Simple Server Setup

  • Meteor Up supports any Ubuntu server you can SSH into. Save costs by using your own servers instead of expensive hosting services.
  • Describe your server setup with a simple, declarative config. Run a single command to setup or update your servers to match the config.

Confidently Deploy

Meteor Up was designed to meet the needs of Meteor apps. Other types of apps are supported through plugins.

  • Reliability Meteor Up monitors new versions and rolls back failed deploys.
  • Load Balancing Deploy your apps to multiple servers, and requests will be load balanced to all of them. Sticky sessions are supported.
  • Zero Downtime Deploys Deploy anytime without your app going down.

Production Debugging

Some performance issues or bugs are difficult to reproduce locally. Connect your local Node debugger to your app in production for full access to the profilers, inspector, and console.

Free SSL

Built in support for Let's Encrypt makes SSL easy and free.


Extend Meteor Up with plugins. Deploy non-meteor apps, automate additional server setup, or add functionality to the CLI



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